Officers/ Senior Reps.

President: Shae Hicks

Vice President: Jake Weaver

Rep: Maddison Whitaker

Advisor: Lena Thomas


 Class Representatives

Juniors: Hailey Gill

Morgan Hendrix

Sophomores: Cole Beets

Hunter Hodges


Freshman: Dru Switch

Shelby York

8th Grade: Noah Bogle

Logan Dodson

7th Grade: Lillie Sessions

Amaya Hicks




Student Council 2018-19


-Fall Festival (coronation + costume contest)

-Coordinates Blood Drives

-Pre-K through 2nd grade Easter Egg Hunt


All StuCo fundraisers go back into our school to benefit our students, faculty and staff!


Things we have purchased are Promethean Boards for our classrooms, computers, scientific calculators, staff lanyards and school pride floor mats.

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