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The Mason Spelling Bee was held at 9 a.m. on February 20th in the Mason gymnasium.  The 2nd through 4th grade competed against each other and the 5th through 8th competed against each other. 


2nd- 4th Overall


5th- 8th Overall

In the 2nd-4th grade Jaxon Magness won 1st place overall, with Silver Sands placing 2nd and Merkv Dearman placing 3rd. 

In the 5th-8th grade Spelling Bee Paytyn McCurry won 1st place overall, Spencer Norman placed 2nd, and Nick Whitaker placed 3rd.
1st Brodie Atwell
2nd Cole Dodson
3rd Keenan Mogridge
1st Macee Smart
2nd Jolee Whitehouse
3rd Britteny Roberts

The Class winners were as follows:  2nd Grade; 1st Merkv Dearman, 2nd Jessie Scott and 3rd Roxie Tiger.  3rd Grade; 1st Jaxon Magness, 2nd Kyra Harjo and 3rd Abryn Walker, 4th Grade; 1st Silver Sands, 2nd Keirstyn Stiles and 3rd Jarett Norman.


The Class winners were as follows:  5th Grade; 1st Paytyn McCurry, 2nd Cole Dodson and 3rd Teaghanne McVeigh,  6th Grade; 1st Jadyn Allen, 2nd Jameson Speir, and 3rd Kahlan Crump,  7th Grade; 1st Spencer Norman,  2nd Nick Whitaker and 3rd Emma Dodson, 8th Grade; 1st Matias Cazares, 2nd Izack Dearman, and 3rd Ashtin McCune.

Paytyn McCurry and Spencer Norman will compete in the Okfuskee County Spelling Bee in March.  Good job to all of the Spelling Bee contestants!

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