Mason Schools held it's annual Spelling Bee on Thursday Feb. 21st The overall winners for 2nd-4th are Brodie Atwell (1st), Cole Dodson (2nd), and Keenan Mogridge (3rd). The overall winners for 5th-8th are Britteny Roberts (3rd), Jolee Whitehouse (2nd), and Macee Smart (1st). For more information call the school at (918-623-0231).

2nd- 4th Overall

5th- 8th Overall

1st Brodie Atwell
2nd Cole Dodson
3rd Keenan Mogridge
1st Macee Smart
2nd Jolee Whitehouse
3rd Britteny Roberts

2nd Grade L-R: Kaylee Bookout (3rd place), Jaxon Magness (2nd place), & Kaidan Carmichael (1st place).

3rd Grade L-R: Jarrett Norman (3rd place), Hannah Stubblefield (2nd place), & Keenan Mogridge (1st place).

4th Grade L-R: Teaghanne McVeigh (3rd place), Cole Dodson (2nd place), & Brodie Atwell (1st place).

5th Grade L-R: Kahlan Crump (3rd place), Allie Nutt (2nd place), & Jolee Whitehouse (1st place).

6th Grade L-R: Nate Whitaker (3rd place), Emma Dodson (2nd place), & Spencer Norman (1st place).

7th Grade L-R: Ashton McEwin (3rd place), Michael Strobel (2nd place), & Lillie Sessions (1st place).

8th Grade L-R: Andrea Edwards (3rd place), Britteny Roberts (2nd place), & Macee Smart (1st place).

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